Meeting Minutes

Eastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission
Board Meeting – October 24, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ken Paust at 12:00 noon.

Those in attendance were:

Fayette County: Carol Hunter, Dan Parker, Leota King, Dale Strong, Kay Riker-Peyton.

Henry County: Ed Yanos, Chad Malicoat.

Randolph County: Mike Wickersham.

Rush County: Paul Wilkinson, Carole Yeend.

Union County: Juanita Fenwick.

Wayne County: Ken Paust, Dave Snow, Terry Craig,Melissa Vance, Robert Chamness, Steve Sorah.

Staff: Jeff Plasterer

Guests: Perry Knox, Judy Starr, Earnie Holtrey, Chase Tice, Steve Clark, Beth Grigsby, Susie Ripley, Steve Higinbotha m,Arron  Burns.

The minutes of the July 25th Board meeting were discussed. Terry Craig made a motion to approve them as presented which was seconded by Kay Riker Peyton. The minutes were approved unanimously.

The financials for the third quarter were discussed by Chairman Paust.

After discussion, Melissa Vance made a motion to approve them as presented which was seconded by Bob Chamness. The motion was approved unanimously.

Guest Speaker Beth Grigsby was introduced by Jeff Plasterer. She spoke about Brownfields identification assessment, and remediation.

Chairman Paust then gave his report beginning with an explanation of the membership dues for each county for 2020. Next, he explained that board appointments or reappointments for each county will be requested before the January board meeting. He then introduced the slate of officers for 2020 as:

Chairman – Ken Paust (Wayne County)

Vice Chair – Mike Wickersham (Randolph County)

Treasurer – Dan Parker (Fayette County)

Secretary – Chad Malicoat (Henry County)

Rush County Representative – Paul Wilkinson Union County Representative – open

After discussion, Bob Chamness made a motion to elect the proposed slate of officers with the Union County position to be filled later.

Leota King seconded the motion and after brief discussion the motion passed unanimously.

Discussion then turned to a proposed audit of the 2018 financials. It was determined that an audit would be prohibitively expensive. A recommendation came forward to engage a CPA firm to conduct a review of agreed upon procedures”. Ed Yanos made a motion to hire a CPA firm for up to $2,500. After discussion, he amended the motion to be for up to $3,000. Dan Parker seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Jeff Plasterer asked for volunteers to serve on a committee to establish the “agreed upon services”. Carol Hunter, Dan Parker, and Melissa Vance agreed to serve on that committee.

Steve Higinbotham gave a review of the Broadband Ready Certification process being followed by Wayne County.

Dr. Roberto Gallardo joined the group by phone to discuss an opportunity for EIRPC to apply for two Americorps Volunteers beginning in August of 2020 to help implement the IFrontDoor and Intelligent Communities programs.

Jeff Plasterer then shared the proposed budget for 2020 which included funding for the 2 Americorps students and for the new

Assistant Director. After lengthy discussion, Mike Wickersham made a motion to adopt the proposed budget for 2020. Dave Snow seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Ken Paust gave a brief update on the Infrastructure committee which he chairs.

Jeff Plasterer then gave the Director’s report. He first discussed the newly hired Assistant Director,  Jeff Raatz.  Then he gave a brief update on the Workforce Development Goal which Raatz will focus on.

He also gave updates on the Quality of Place Committee, the Robotics Program, the new INDOT contract, and his work with the new 2ist Century Talent Region initiative.

After a brief roundtable discussion, Terry Craig made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Paul Wilkinson.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:15 pm.

Signed by Dan Parker